4 workout moves to help you and your dog lose weight

September 12, 2014by admin0


Are you and your pet holding on to excess pounds? You can both start slimming down right at home with a little help from Tricia Montgomery, founder of K9 Fit Club, a fitness program for both pets and their owners.

“We have to be the ones who get them up, get them out and get them moving,” Montgomery said about overweight pets. She created the K9 Fit Club as a way for people to work out with their pups, and she stopped by TODAY on Friday with moves that you can do at home to help you and your dog shed extra weight.

Pups pushing peeps
Begin this exercise by facing your dog. Spread your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, then bend your knee and lower your hips into the squat position. As you hold the squat, step backwards one foot at a time. Keep your pet’s leash in your hand and pull your dog with you as you step.

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Sally’s step overs
Step onto a fitness platform, such as a step box. Move your right foot to the side, off of the step, then bring it back up. Move your left foot to the side, off of the step, then bring it back up. Guide your dog with its leash to walk from side to side as you step on and off the platform. You can modify this move by adding a squat on either side when one foot is down. You can also consider changing the pace between each step or adding more height to the step with spacers.

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Reverse lunges
Face your dog and ask the pooch to sit. Take one large step backward with your left leg and lower your hips until your right thigh is parallel to the floor, and your right knee is directly over your right ankle. Use your right leg to push your body backwards, and then repeat the same series of moves on the opposite side. Have your dog shake, sit, rollover or do other tricks in between each lunge.

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Bosu teasers
Begin by sitting on a Bosu ball with your tailbone directly in the center of the ball. Place your hands behind you on the ball. Keeping your knees straight, raise your legs approximately two feet off of the ground, hold for as long as possible, then lower your legs and repeat. Have your dog move under your legs from side to side as your legs are lifted.