August 11, 2016

Metro Pet Spa and K9 Fit Club® Los Angeles Grand Opening Celebration With Senator Tony Mendoza

Metro Pet Spa and K9 Fit Club® Los Angeles Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Celebration on July 22nd With Senator Tony Mendoza

Metro Pet Spa and K9 Fit Club®

MONTEBELLO, Calif. – July 14, 2016 – PRLog — K9 Fit Club® is launching their first and only location in Los Angeles County just in time to celebrate July 22nd‘s National Work Out With Your Dog Day! Metro Pet Spa and K9 Fit Club® have partnered up and will host a grand opening weekend celebration, beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony held on Friday, July 22nd at 12:00pm in Montebello, California. Senator Tony Mendoza will be in attendance for the highly anticipated ribbon cutting event.

When: Friday, July 22nd from 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Ribbon cutting ceremony and champagne toast at 12:00 pm

Saturday, July 23rd from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Metro Pet Spa & Fitness Centers

2426 W Whittier Blvd,
Montebello, CA 90640

What: Metro Pet Spa and K9 Fit Club® grand opening two-day celebration will take place on Friday, July 22nd from 12:00pm – 4:00pm and Saturday, July 23rd from 10:00am – 4:00pm. On both days, guests can look forward to fitness demos and prizes. Local politicians and celebrities will be in attendance to celebrate. Pet lovers will have the opportunity to mix and mingle and check out Metro Pet Spa’s impressive facility. This event is free and open to the public.

Friday’s ribbon cutting ceremony is much anticipated, especially with the news of California Senator, Tony Mendoza in attendance. As a Los Angeles native and former school teacher, Tony Mendoza was elected on November 4, 2014, to represent the nearly one million residents of the newly-drawn 32nd Senate District.

“Kicking off the grand opening weekend with the ribbon cutting ceremony is a fun way to acknowledge this accomplishment for both K9 Fit Club and Metro Pet Spa & Fitness Centers,” Founder of K9 Fit Club®, Tricia Montgomery expresses, “We are honored to have Senator Tony Mendoza in attendance for this moment which will make it that much more special!”

There’s no other place in LA pet parents can workout inside with their canine companions, which makes this two-day celebration truly unique and exciting.

Throughout the course of the two-day event, Metro Pet’s Master Trainers Michelle and Veterinarian Dr. Rainey, and K9 Fit Club’s Founder, Tricia Montgomery, will be doing demos. This will be a fun and informative way to showcase to LA residents what a typical fitness class with their canine would be like; plus a great opportunity to get to know the two influential staff members at Metro Pet Spa & Fitness Centers and the services they provide.

Since graduating from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine 1997, Dr. Rainey has many years of veterinarian experience in LA under her belt, which includes her previous position at Los Angeles County Veterinary Public Health and Los Angeles Department of Animal Services as a Shelter Veterinarian and Chief Veterinarian. She participated and orchestrated many community events, received two accommodations, and facilitated the relocation of dogs from the Hurricane Katrina area to Los Angeles.

Michelle has been grooming cats and dogs since the age of fourteen and worked in the veterinary field for 7 years as a vet technician. She also held a position for the Los Angeles Animal Services for a total of 12 years and then accepted a position as a Deputy Director with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control.

Dr. Rainey and Michelle teamed up in 2012 to launch veterinary-owned and operated Metro Pet Spa, the first and only in this geographical location to offer luxurious spa and pet wellness services for dogs. Together, this dynamic duo created a unique and successful company that is passionate about pet health and wellness.

About K9 Fit Club®: K9 Fit Club is the nation’s pioneer and leader in human/canine fitness. We are dedicated to the health, fitness, and wellness of dogs and their people. As the nation’s first indoor workout facility dedicated to dogs and their pet parents, our programs and classes were developed by Veterinarians, Doctors, Certified Animal Behaviorists, People and Pup Personal Trainers, all designed to ensure a safe, fun and effective workout for both the dog and owner. As we develop and grow clubs around the country, our efforts also include working with humane associations and animal rescue groups throughout the communities in which we serve. Learn more about K9 Fit Club® here: https://k9fitclub.com/.

August 22, 2014


Tricia Montgomery

IDEA World Fitness Convention is the premier conference that features the freshest, most diverse educational programming from world-renowned presenters. It has been, is and will continue to be the best event in the fitness industry.

Whether taking those first steps away from the couch or looking for new tips and tricks after years of experience. Whether you need a firm kick in the pants or an encouraging shot of inspiration, IDEA World was the place to be.

For the first time at the 27th annual conference, dogs were in attendance along with fitness professionals who promoted everything from apparel to energy drinks.

K9 Fit Club Certified Trainers came from near and far to demonstrate, participate, educate and inspire others. Newly certified K9 Fit Club Trainer, Heather Nusbaum traveled from Kileen, Texas, with Vikki LePou, and Rachel Cantore from Orange County and Will Orton from Chicago, rounding out the “paws-down”, best team a company could ask for.

For three days, the K9 Fit Club booth was mobbed with enthusiastic fitness professionals from Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Australia to Boise, Idaho, ALL interested in becoming K9 Fit Club Certified. And, if that were not all, from bloggers, to reporters; including KABC ,Club Industry to the OC Register, the media could not get enough of K9 Fit Club.

Our great friend, Liz Kover of Marley’s Mutts came by with her new puppy, along with Kelle King and Kaiya, who had such a great time on Friday, she came back to join us for Saturday. Tiffany of Strength Wraps donated her Schnauzer, Jazzy, for a workout partner. Attendees were treated to demonstrations, hands-on assistance and a new found appreciation for the Standard of Excellence created by K9 Fit Club. We can’t count the times someone came up to our booth and said, “I thought about doing this too, but couldn’t figure it out.”

We met some great people from MoPro, a cool company that builds websites, shoots video & photos, not to mention a free beer at their booth! Silver Sneakers ,the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults. A truly innovative program of fitness, friends and fun for the 65+ crowd. We loved meeting Tommy Saunders, Founder of GetRock360, who is also the owner of FEWDM Fitness (For Everyone Who Doubts Me) and what a great idea for building those six-pack abs! From Jillian Michaels by the way, thanks Jillian, my GetShredded tattoo is still on my back, Diana Nyad and Tony Horton, the celebrity trainers were out and about and all, wishing they had brought their best friend!

IDEA Fit, we will see you in LA next year and, this time, look forward to presenting on the main stage! #ideaworld2015



August 8, 2014

walk around the block is nice. Playing fetch at a nearby park is even better, when you can find the time. But is that really enough to keep your best friend physically fit?

Maybe your dog needs to join a gym for a more structured and intense exercise program.

“It’s just a neat idea,” says Bob Thompson who works out with his dog, Ginger, twice a week at K9 Fit Club in Chicago. “She’s getting obedience training and a real workout.”

Thompson says Ginger, an eight year-old Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, is always excited to go to the gym. And he’s sure the hour-long sessions are much better exercise than she’d ever get on a walk.

“She’s toned up and lost a few pounds over the last two years,” he said.

The exercise classes at the club are designed to give both dogs and their owners a cardio workout and strength training.

“You have to do it together, so you strengthen the human-animal bond, said Tricia Montgomery, K9 Fit Club’s founder and president. “We as the pet owner must be the one to get our dogs motivated and moving by working out with them.”

K9 Fit has 8 gyms across the country. It recently started an online certification program for people who want to become human-canine fitness trainers. About 200 have passed the course so far.

Know your options

Dog gyms range from small family-owned businesses to franchise operations with all the latest equipment and places to groom your dog. The quality of the staff and the courses offered vary greatly from place to place. There may be a monthly membership fee. Expect to pay $100 or more for specific classes.

Some of the new canine sports gyms are mighty impressive. Frolick Dogs, a new 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Alexandria, Va., has doggie treadmills, balance platforms and lots of colorful rubber peanuts – stability balls designed for dogs – that help build their core and leg muscles.

There’s also a large space for agility training. All the obstacles – the jumps, hoops, tunnels, teeter totter, balance beam and weave posts – are regulation-size for those who plan to enter their dogs in competition.

Co-owner and professional dog trainer Kevin Gilliam is there to explain how to use the equipment and coach owners on ways to encourage their dogs to try new things.

“People come in the first time and they don’t know what to do or the dog is a little bit shy. And the next time they come back the dog is pulling them in here. That’s fun to see,” Gilliam said.

Kathy McAfee and her 3-year-old Portuguese Water Dog Lilly recently joined Frolick Dogs after McAfee broke her ankle, derailing their regular long walks together.

“She’s a show dog and she needs to get back in shape and this place will let me do that,” McAfee said. “It took a little coaxing at first to get her to stay on the treadmill, but now she loves it.”

The All Dogs Gym & Inn in Manchester, N.H. offers people-pet exercise classes as well as doggie day care exercise programs. Owner Gail Fisher is a certified dog behavior consultant and author of the book The Thinking Dog. She believes the interaction between owner and pet at the gym helps build a strong relationship.

“It’s a very good outlet for their energy – and it’s also fun for the people,” Fisher said. “You’re training the dog in a way that exercises the dog physically and mentally, and it gets you up and moving as well.”

Too many fat dogs 

Canine obesity is a huge problem. About half the nation’s dogs are seriously overweight, according to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention.

“We’re feeding them too many calories each day and they’re not getting enough physical exercise,” said veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward, who founded the association. “This is the number one health threat our pets face today and it’s completely preventable.”

Dr. Marty Becker of Vetsreet.com and author of the book Fitness Unleashed!, warns that obesity can lead to serious health problems for pets, including diabetes, joint problems and heart disease – even an increased risk of cancer.

He believes the growth of dog gyms is good for both pets and their owners.

“When you exercise with your pet, you tend to stick to it because they enjoy it so much,” Becker said. “They encourage you to get your tail off the floor and out the door.”