Fido’s Fall Fitness Tips & Things That I am Thankful For

November 11, 2013by admin0

Tricia Montgomery, Founder K9 Fit Club
Since it’s not too hot nor too cold, Fall can be the best season to work out. Holding off from the gym for just a bit longer, now’s the time to mix things up with walking, running, hiking, biking or even a game of good old fetch!

We’ve all heard that working out with a buddy is a great way to stick to our fitness goals, but who says that our exercise partner has to walk on two legs?

There are a variety of physical activities that we can perform with man’s best friend which add up to a workout routine that’s not only fun, but beneficial for man and beast alike. No matter your location or fitness level, these workouts guarantee a good sweat and a fun break from your usual routine.

So grab a workout buddy (aka your dog), and give it a go. These workouts promise to deliver a howling good time.

  • Go for a walk (or a jog or run). We may as well get the most obvious choice out right away. The only thing a dog likes more than a run is a run that includes you. If you need a partner who’s ready to go at any time of the day or night, look no further than the furry lump at your feet.
  • Play a little Frisbee. Granted, in most cases catching a Frisbee is a better workout for your pooch, but if your dog is better at catching than returning you’re guaranteed to get your exercise in too.
  • Make a splash. Water breeds in particular love diving headfirst into fun. If you want a great exercise that’s easy on the joints, both you and your furry buddy may want to suit up and hit the pool.
  • Pedal your wares. Bicycling is a sport that few people associate with dogs, but if you follow some specific guidelines, you can both look forward to a good time. Safety tip number one—never loop your dog’s leash around your handlebars.
  • Jump through some hurdles. Agility training is a great way for you both to burn calories while bonding. An added benefit is all of the other pet owners you’ll get to meet while you’re leaping and bounding.
  • Surf’s up. If your dog loves the water, why not use that to your advantage? Surfing provides you with some gnarly health benefits and your dogs can play along too. Just remember the life jackets!
  • Have a ball. You don’t have to toss the ball to teach Fido to fetch. Kicking a ball can be just as fun as traditional games of fetch, and can break up the monotony of the same old throw and retrieve routine.
  • Tug the right way. Tug is a perfectly acceptable way for you to both work out tension while working up a sweat. It also teaches Fido the appropriate use of teeth.

If you use your imagination, you’ll probably be able to think of many other physical activities that you can include your dog in. If you need some more information on what type of exercise is right for you, look no further than your friends at K9 Fit Club. As always, schedule a visit to the veterinarian to find out if you and your furry friend have the same fitness goals.

Counting my Blessings:

Besides the unconditional love, snuggles and love, dogs get us moving. I am thankful that our dogs get us off our butts and to all of the parks, beaches and K9 Fit Clubs we wouldn’t have explored without them. Not to mention the network of great friends we make through our dogs.)