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Tricia Montgomery

IDEA World Fitness Convention is the premier conference that features the freshest, most diverse educational programming from world-renowned presenters. It has been, is and will continue to be the best event in the fitness industry.

Whether taking those first steps away from the couch or looking for new tips and tricks after years of experience. Whether you need a firm kick in the pants or an encouraging shot of inspiration, IDEA World was the place to be.

For the first time at the 27th annual conference, dogs were in attendance along with fitness professionals who promoted everything from apparel to energy drinks.

K9 Fit Club Certified Trainers came from near and far to demonstrate, participate, educate and inspire others. Newly certified K9 Fit Club Trainer, Heather Nusbaum traveled from Kileen, Texas, with Vikki LePou, and Rachel Cantore from Orange County and Will Orton from Chicago, rounding out the “paws-down”, best team a company could ask for.

For three days, the K9 Fit Club booth was mobbed with enthusiastic fitness professionals from Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Australia to Boise, Idaho, ALL interested in becoming K9 Fit Club Certified. And, if that were not all, from bloggers, to reporters; including KABC ,Club Industry to the OC Register, the media could not get enough of K9 Fit Club.

Our great friend, Liz Kover of Marley’s Mutts came by with her new puppy, along with Kelle King and Kaiya, who had such a great time on Friday, she came back to join us for Saturday. Tiffany of Strength Wraps donated her Schnauzer, Jazzy, for a workout partner. Attendees were treated to demonstrations, hands-on assistance and a new found appreciation for the Standard of Excellence created by K9 Fit Club. We can’t count the times someone came up to our booth and said, “I thought about doing this too, but couldn’t figure it out.”

We met some great people from MoPro, a cool company that builds websites, shoots video & photos, not to mention a free beer at their booth! Silver Sneakers ,the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults. A truly innovative program of fitness, friends and fun for the 65+ crowd. We loved meeting Tommy Saunders, Founder of GetRock360, who is also the owner of FEWDM Fitness (For Everyone Who Doubts Me) and what a great idea for building those six-pack abs! From Jillian Michaels by the way, thanks Jillian, my GetShredded tattoo is still on my back, Diana Nyad and Tony Horton, the celebrity trainers were out and about and all, wishing they had brought their best friend!

IDEA Fit, we will see you in LA next year and, this time, look forward to presenting on the main stage! #ideaworld2015