Giving Thanks…

November 26, 2014by admin0


Being thankful is strongly linked to both mental and physical health, but can also help to relieve stress depression among many other conditions. Our dogs do the same thing.

But, what is gratitude and what is being thankful? Some people view it is an ability to maintain a positive view.

That sounds a little like optimism but instead of expecting the good, I think being thankful requires recognizing that our life and outcomes are not just the result of our own hard work, but rather dependent upon the efforts of others.

Numerous studies now link counting ones blessings to health. I believe that dogs have changed my health and my life.

Better psychological health also means that more people are likely to engage in healthy activities. So it’s not surprising that having a dog keeps us better mentally and physically, as well as, attributing to being thankful.

Of course, it’s also possible that healthy or people feel they have more to be grateful for, which may explain some of the extra thankfulness.

So at this time of year, and all year long, I give thanks to our dogs for their unconditional love and thanks to our K9 Fit Club Family for your love and support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tricia Montgomery