K9 Fit Club is very selective in our approach to PAWtnership. We look far and wide for the perfect partners, those who not only represent our values and ethics, but most importantly, those who share our passion for what we do. Being the nation’s premiere indoor fitness facility dedicated to the health, fitness, and wellness of pooches and their people, our highest priority is safety. K9 Fit Club adheres to the AVMA Standards of Excellence and recommendations provided by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorist.

If you believe your core is conditioned similarly (business has similar values), you can live up to our WAGability (uphold our values and ethics), then let’s hit the hurdles.


K9 Fit Club is proud to be a partner of Down Dog where inspiration Meets Customization on DownDog Yoga Mats!

You love yoga. You love your pets. Bring them together and you have a completely personalized DownDog Yoga mat.

Colorful and creative, our quality mats are water, sweat (and fur!) resistant. They are also free of toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal and heavy metals. Choose from our line of standard breed mats or select your favorite color and decorate with pics of your own pet.

And because we love animals as much as you do, DownDog is proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives. To learn more about their work, visit: aspca.org.

Is your tail wagging yet?


By partnering with Petplan, K9 Fit Club hopes to raise awareness of the underinsured nature of American pets. To date, just 1% of the nation’s 93 million cats and 3% of the nation’s 83 million dogs are currently insured, and the numbers are rising. Petplan’s success is indicative of the industry’s rapid growth in the U.S., which has been fueled by cutting-edge advancements in veterinary medicine, rising costs for treatments, and the changing attitudes of many American pet parents. In fact, most view their pets as four-legged members of the family!

At Petplan, our passion for pets is unleashed. Petplan is much more than a pet insurance company. We’re dedicated to providing pet parents with the support, resources, and tools they need to keep their pets, not just surviving, but thriving long into old age. Simply put, we aim to be the kind of company that will make our pets proud. – See more here


The Nutramax Family of Companies has become industry leaders in setting and adhering to high standards in manufacturing and quality control. We continually conduct and support laboratory research and clinical studies on our products. Many of these studies have been published and/or presented in medical, veterinary and other health-related journals and publications. We believe our real strength and prosperity comes from The Lord. He has blessed our company and the talented group of employees who work together as a team. Go to their website to check out the amazing products offered by Nutramax for you, your pets/horse. From Cosamin, Cosaquin, Avoca, OmegaMint and more.


K9 Fit Club is proud to be an official partner of FitPAWS using only the FitPAWS brand in all K9 Fit Club locations.


AT FITPAWS®, we admire dogs and people who work with dogs. We admire the passion, the love, the hard work, the devotion, the belief that dogs will give their best…and that we can also give OUR best to the dogs.

POWER TO THE DOG. IT DRIVES US to develop safe canine specific products, programs and a community that wants to do more for our furry friends. Investing in dogs and their people does matter. There is value in knowing that your investments in FitPAWS go back to improving product quality, new product design, supporting canine events, businesses, athletes and developing educational programs aimed at improving the way we understand canine fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation.


K9 Fit Club is proud to be an official partner of MedFit Network

What is the MedFit Network?

MedFit Network (MFN) is a free online resource directory for people to locate fitness & allied healthcare professionals who provide services for those with chronic disease/medical conditions, including but not limited to: Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Disabilities Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Mental Health Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s,  Osteoporosis, Respiratory Disease, Stroke and women’s health issues including pre & postpartum care.

The MFN Mission

The MFN believes that exercise is valuable for those with chronic health & medical conditions. Developing a plan for a regular exercise & wellness program can be difficult for these people; The MFN mission is to improve the quality of life for those with chronic disease, medical conditions, have disabilities or who need pre or postnatal care help by connecting them to fitness & healthcare professionals with an interest and background in the treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases and medical conditions.

The MFN donates its services as a national database management company to medical and health organizations that do not offer resources for locating fitness & allied healthcare professionals with a background in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The MFN helps market on their behalf to create and maintain a registry for the following professionals: acupuncturists, chiropractors, dietitians, fitness/yoga, health & wellness coaches, massage therapists, mental health professionals, and physical therapists. The MFN also works with consumer-based magazines for community outreach to promote this network.