The History and Founding of K9 Fit Club

About K9 Fit Club | Our Story

Just when you think your dog is simply man’s best friend…

In one unique moment he gives you unexpected, life-changing inspiration and the two of you embark on a journey to a healthier and happier life. Man’s best friend becomes your personal trainer.

Meet Tricia Montgomery and her lovable, fondly remembered basset hound Louie, the inspiration behind K9 Fit Club®, a unique workout program designed for you and your pooch. It’s an exercise platform created for both of you to get fit together in a safe, effective and fun environment.

Tricia battled obesity and passed her bad habits and lack of exercise on to her dog Louie. Both were overweight, run down and in dire need of change. Thanks to her very caring and very frank veterinarian, Tricia was told both she and Louie were grossly overweight and it was detrimental to Louie’s life. This was Tricia’s “a-ha” call to action and she and Louie set out on a journey to lose weight.

 After Tricia lost 130 pounds, and Louie lost 4 pounds by working out together, their lives were changed forever and her desire to share this amazing transformation with other overweight dog owners and pets drove her to create K9 Fit Club. Knowing this was a unique workout, she enlisted top veterinarians, dog behaviorists, dog trainers, fitness trainers and medical doctors. Together they created a successful health, wellness and fitness program designed for both owners and their pets to enjoy while working out together.

No one should be forced to choose between being healthy and working out, or staying home to spend time with their dog. Yet, every day, pet owners are confronted with this choice all the time. The K9 Fit Club franchise addresses an opportunity that pet owners face today by providing a unique space where both human their dog are able to exercise together, spend quality time together and belong to a community.