pet obesity prevention

September 30, 2013

pet obesity preventionObesity is one of the most dangerous health problems that both humans and animals may encounter. Such condition may lead to different complications and much risky diseases. If obesity is a serious health issue for humans, what more to pets that only eat what their owners feed them and don’t even know the importance of exercise? In response to the growing number of obese pets, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) will held the National Pet Obesity Awareness Day wherein it will conduct its Seventh Annual Pet Obesity Awareness Day survey.

On October 9, 2013, pet owners and veterinary hospitals are encouraged to participate in the event to help fight against pet obesity. The APOP wants every veterinary hospital to keep a record of all the information about animals of different sizes, breeds and types that undergo routine procedures. Such record will help the 2013 study in improving the knowledge on how to prevent obesity in pets. For pet owners, a simple record of the routine examination on that day will be helpful. It doesn’t matter how many pets and details can be obtained. The more information the better, but what is more important is the accurate number of obese and overweight pets in the area.

The APOP seeks help not only from pet owners and veterinarians but also from people who are willing to help fight against obesity in pets. To contribute to the 2013 study, participants are asked to complete a form or sign up on the APOP website. Interested participants must fill out the form with their complete name, email, and contact number. Veterinarians must provide their clinic name and address. APOP will be sending free out handouts, instructions, and measuring tapes to all enrolled participants by Oct. 9 to conduct routine examinations. Each examination will only take 1-2 minutes. The owners and veterinarians should collect necessary information such as pet’s age, weight, body condition and their assessment on the weight of the pet.

Help fight pet obesity and participate in the upcoming National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. This move will help many pet owners realize that their pets are overweight and may experience obesity problems. All the information will improve the 2013 study on how to prevent overweight and obese pets. There could be nothing more lovely than to see a healthy pooch running around homes, playing with kids and guarding houses. Sign up now and fight against the deadly effects of pet obesity!