Winter Safety Tip

January 8, 2014by admin0

Image Courtesy of jpctalbot /
Image Courtesy of jpctalbot /
Winter brings beautiful snow and cold temps, but also dangers. Please take caution when using Antifreeze (ethylene glycol). This substance has an attractive taste to both domestic and wild animals, and is highly toxic when ingested.

According to the ASPCA, “if veterinary treatment is not begun within a few hours after exposure, one teaspoonful of ethylene glycol can be fatal to a 10-pound cat, while one to two tablespoonfuls can kill a 10-pound dog.”

If your best friend should consume any amount of this substance, please call your Veterinarian immediately or head to the Animal ER.

Salt and other ice melt compounds can cause skin problems and are potentially toxic if ingested. Wipe of dog’s feet after coming in from outside with damp towel.

Dr. Jon Jorgensen,
K9 Fit Club Director of Veterinary Care

Dr. Jorgensen received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Illinois then continued his education in Champaign-Urbana and attended the College of Veterinary Medicine. It was there that Dr. Jorgensen received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. Dr. Jorgensen is passionate about all of his patients, but has a particular interests in the canine athlete, nutrition and senior patient care.

During Dr. Jorgensen’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working on home improvement projects. He also enjoys basketball, helping to coach his kids’ teams and entomology (collecting bugs). Dr. Jorgensen’s family currently has a Toy Poodle – Rosie and Sox the Cat.